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The economy of the country with optimistic indicators:

PM Imran Khan

(Karachi) Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there are good signs in Pakistan’s economy. He added that because of the government’s long-term policies, the country is stabilizing.

During the check distribution ceremony in Islamabad on Wednesday, he expressed these views.

He said the government is making efforts in Pakistan to encourage industrialization and trade. “Creating wealth is critical to boosting the country’s economy,” the PM said. “Without creating wealth, the government will be unable to repay debt.”

For the first time in four years, he said the current account deficit was surplus.

He said it is not in Pakistan’s interest to take loans from other countries.

He said tax collection is also critical for boosting the economy and helping society’s poor section. He said the country’s exports are increasing, which is a welcome sign.

PM Imran Khan said the economy of the country was in a bad shape when the government took control of the energy.

He said the financial crisis emerged in the country because a comprehensive strategy was not implemented by the past rulers. He said, “We have had the worst deficit in Pakistan’s history.”

He said that the country is ad-hoc governed, which is a matter of concern.

The prime minister said the country had great potential, but corruption hindered progress.


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