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The ban on Ansarul Islam: the Court adjourns the hearing until next week

ISLAMABAD: today’s high court continued with the recent ban imposed on JUIF’s affiliate Ansarul Islam, the case was presided over by Justice Athar Minallah,

There was an attorney representing the Ministry of the Interior to explain the reasoning behind the ban requested by the court in a previous proceeding.

The prosecution argued that Jamiat e Ulema Islam Fazl (JUI-F), the political party in question, had written two applications in the sense of the organization in question.

In one application, the political party owned Ansarul Islam as its subordinate, while a second request on the subject distinguished it.

JUIF’s counsel argued that the videos and pictures propagated by the political entity were old and manufactured and did not harbor any ill intentions towards the state; he also ensured that the’ Azadi March ‘ participants did not carry any firearms or canes.

Justice Athar Minallah, turning his attention to the JUI-F lawyer, asked him to change the color of uniforms decorated by those in the organization in order to prevent unnecessary ridicule, adding that he also saw a Hollywood actor wearing Khakis, and that he too could be mistaken for a member of Ansarul Islam.

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