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Indian Pilot uses Facebook instantly after dropping MIG-29 Aircraft

Indian pilots dropped MiG-29 aircraft by two and a half billion and then began using Twitter. Note, yesterday another Indian Air Force aircraft crashed.

The Indian Air Force’s MiG-29 aircraft crashed in the open area near the church, according to reports. All pilots were able to execute before the plane crashed. Now, after the Indian aircraft crashed, a photo of its pilots was released in which one pilot uses Facebook while the other seeks medical assistance.

Fire broke out after the plane crashed, according to Indian media, leaving Varna and Margao firefighters to the scene. The group of the fire brigade was also sent to the scene. The aircraft was on a training flight, according to the Indian media. This is not the first incident of an Indian Air Force plane crash, it should be noted.

Earlier, during training flights, many Indian Air Force aircraft were lost. The MiG-21 aircraft of the Indian Air Force crashed two months ago in the Indian city of Gwalior. All pilots were healthy and there were no reports of casualties.


Indian Pilot uses Facebook instantly after dropping MIG-29 Aircraft


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