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Govt in the right direction: the IMF is pleased with the economic results

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Finance Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said the government is focused on implementing the IMF program.

He spoke to Ramirez Rigo Ernesto’s IMF mission team which called him on Tuesday in Islamabad, Radio Pakistan announced.

The advisor said the management of current and fiscal deficits and exchange rate stability was reflective of the progress of government efforts to put the economy on the long-term growth track.

Ramirez Rigo Ernesto appreciated the positive results produced by the government’s policies and strategies to eliminate economic imbalances.

He said the exchange rate volatility was reduced as successes were achieved in other areas, especially on the fiscal front, indicating that the government was moving in the right direction.

Ernesto said the Fund’s mission was to anticipate a meaningful and productive review by pursuing a forward-looking approach focusing on the adjustments required by March, particularly in the power sector and funding from various bilateral and multilateral sources to boost the foreign exchange of Pakistan.

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