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    Others Unknown
    Timothy Mcveigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy

    by Stephen Jones, Peter Israel

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    • Characters: Timothy McVeigh
    • Release date: May 18, 2001
    • Genres: terrorism
    • Publisher: PublicAffairs
    • Language: english
    • Author: Stephen Jones, Peter Israel
    • ISBN: 9781586480981 (1586480987)
    • Format: paperback, 416 pages

    About The Book

    In Others Unknown, Stephen Jones, Timothy McVeigh’s lawyer in his trial for the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Office Building in Oklahoma City, provides the fullest possible account of the worst act of terrorism in American history. In a complete revision of his 1998 hardcover, Jones tells for the first time the whole story of his investigation of the case, including what he was told by McVeigh and what he learned about others involved in the conspiracy. His account differs significantly from the tale McVeigh is telling as he faces execution for his crimes.

    In interviews with Buffalo News journalists, reported in their recently released book American Terrorist(ReganBooks, April 2000), McVeigh claims total responsibility for the bombing, saying “It was my choice and my control to hit that building when it was full.” In Others Unknown Jones sets the record straight, saying what he could not say when he first wrote this book, before McVeigh effectively waived attorney-client privilege: that based on what he learned as McVeigh’s counsel, Jones knows that the bombing was a conspiracy, and that McVeigh was not its mastermind. “I’m not trying to say he was innocent. He has exaggerated his guilt to protect others. He played a role, but he was a foot soldier, a mule, not the general,” says Jones.

    “I know it did not happen the way he tells it in his book.”

    Jones reports in detail what McVeigh told him as the case progressed; explains why McVeigh did not plead guilty; and shows McVeigh’s real role in the conspiracy and how he obstructed his own defense. This is the definitive historical record of a heinous act of murderous rage; an account indispensable to understanding what happened. And, says PublicAffairs CEO and publisher Peter Osnos:

    “We think it’s important that Tim McVeigh not be given the final word.”

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