(ePUB) Advanced Spiritual Intimacy by Stuart Sovatsky

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    Advanced Spiritual Intimacy
    The Yoga of Deep Tantric Sensuality

    by Stuart Sovatsky

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    • Language: english
    • Format: paperback, 304 pages
    • ISBN: 9781620552643 (1620552647)
    • Author: Stuart Sovatsky
    • Publisher: Destiny Books
    • Genres: sexuality, spirituality
    • Release date: May 29, 2014

    About The Book

    A practical guide for both individuals and couples to transform sexual energy into spiritual and erotic fulfillment

    • Explains how to awaken advanced stages of sexual development for spiritual intimacy and deep erotic satisfaction

    • Includes illustrated instructions for exercises and techniques based on yoga, kundalini, breathing practices, mantra chanting, and chakra meditation

    • Explores how this practice can deepen a life partnership, enhance creativity, heal emotional scars, and awaken new understandings of gender

    Sexual development does not end in adolescence. There are advanced stages of glandular, emotional, and erotic development based in the lifelong “puberty of the spine.” Known in India as kundalini awakening, these stages form the energetic basis of all yoga forms and deeper erotic aspirations. They present an opportunity for couples and individuals to explore the consciousness-expanding abilities of sexual energy as both spirituality and sexuality transform into what Michel Foucault called ars erotica, far beyond the Freudian scientia sexualis sexuality of the Western world.

    Offering a guide to the advanced stages of human sexuality and a passionately infused tantric yoga practice, Stuart Sovatsky explains how to awaken the complete spinal puberty, resulting in spiritual intimacy and orgasmic pineal maturity that far surpasses the gratifications of modern sexuality. With illustrated instructions, he reveals flow-yoga asanas, mantras, and devotional breathing practices for solo kundalini yoga as well as couples’ yoga practices and chakra meditations to awaken the heart and the divinely eroticized mind. He shares inspiring stories from those on this path about ever-deepening life partnerships, enriched family life, enhanced personal creativity, profound new understandings of conception, masculinity, femininity, and gender itself as well as healing emotional scars of romantic breakups and sexual abuse.

    Sovatsky shows that by transcending conventional Western sexuality and returning to the ars erotica beliefs of ancient India, we can harness the divine energy — glimpsed for only an instant by most people — at the heart of all erotic yearning.

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